This 7-week course will iteratively introduce students to connected products, as follows. The first 5-weeks will offer a bootcamp on considering and developing for the internet of things. The final 2 weeks will offer an opportunity for students to apply this learning in a collaborative group project.

Bootcamp (5 weeks).

Each week will offer:

  1. Concepts: an introduction to concepts and considerations surrounding the Internet of things through readings, lectures, and in-class discussion

  2. Skills: self-paced labs will develop students skills in preparing connected products and cover hardware, software, electronics and other lab skills.

  3. Discussion and Critique: Concepts and Skills will be applied in short and focused design exercises and creative explorations which will then be critically examined through group discussion and critique.

Students will complete a weekly creative exercise to develop conceptual understanding, refine and acquire skills and receive feedback on their ideas. Students will also be expected to complete an annotated bibliography of the readings assigned during the semester to demonstrate their review and understanding.

Collaborative Project (2 weeks)

For the final two weeks, small teams will work together to identify a prospective idea for a connected product, prepare a working prototype and deliver supporting process and outcome documentation.

For the outcome Students will prepare:

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course a student should:

A. Domain Knowledge

B. Practical Skills

C. Prototyping

D. Collaboration