tl;dr; Students will be asked to share a series of discoveries (code samples, articles, libraries, etc) that will benefit the group. Students will prepare at least 5 discoveries over the course of the semester.

Documenting Discoveries

Throughout the course, you are encouraged to go beyond the course materials and uncover new ideas and techniques related to the internet of things. To incentivize this self-directed exploration, it is a graded component of this course.

To receive this grade you are to regularly research and report technical solutions, approaches and examples that are relevant to the course or a project that’s been assigned.

The example should be one of the following (unless otherwise instructed):

Simply put, find and report resources that will help you make better projects as part of this course.

Learning Objectives

As part of the exercise, students will:


Add your documented example to the #discoveries as a new post on slack (see below). The discovery should include a link to the resource, it’s creators, and a short narrative (100-200 words explaining why someone else should pay attention to it)

Submitting your work:

You’ll submit your precedents on Slack. Each discovery should be submitted separately.

To submit your work:

Template and documentation

In each post, embed a video and/or images of the project, and write a short critical reflection on the project (about 100-200 words) in which you cover the following:

  1. Overview: Briefly describe the project (a couple of sentences) and who made it.
  2. Discovery: Describe why did you select it, what did you learn, why is it interesting to you?
  3. Relevance: Describe why you believe someone should pay attention to it
  4. Application: Finally, give some examples of how you might use it in your project or what it might be used to do.

Remember: Create a separate post for each example.


You receive up to 2.5% for each discovery, for a maximum of 15% credit. You are expected to share 6 discoveries over the course of the semester. Discoveries will be graded as pass/fail:

This will be applied to EACH discovery.

To guarantee you pass the assignment, make sure you have:

* Incidates that if you do not meet these criteria you will immediately fail the assignment.

More information can be found in the Grading, Feedback and Policies section


Starting points

To help guide your explorations, a list of potential places will be provided in the Product Hunt discovery brief and in the Resources section of this site.

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list. You should explore beyond these!