IDeATe and PhysComp

Our class will be held in IDeATe's Physical Computing Lab. This space is also be a resource for your work outside of class times too. It's a shared space so treat it nicely. You are expected to verse yourself with it's rules and make sure you are in compliance with them.

Physical Computing HUNT A10

The IDeATe Physical Computing Lab (Hunt A10) is a shared classroom and lab for prototyping devices utilizing embedded computation. It includes worktables, hand tools, soldering systems, oscilloscopes, and an inventory of materials and components.

The lab is intended as a clean space for electronics, programming, and prototype assembly and testing. Messy or dust-making processes should be performed in the Fabrication Lab.

Refer to the Physical Computing inventory page to see a list of the items that are normally kept available for course project use, as well as how to request that an item be restocked.

More information at:


When classes are not in session, you are welcome to use Physical Computing for your class work. The space is accessible by swipe card when the Hunt Library is open. To find out when Hunt Library is accessible and open, consult their opening hours. To avoid interrupting scheduled classes, you should also double-check the classroom schedule before you go.


It is important to note that the space is used by many classes and has open access to any IDeATe student when classes are not in session. As it’s a shared space you’re also responsible for ensuring that the spaces are well maintained: you should always leave it in good working condition for others.Take the time to clean up the workspaces immediately after use, make sure tools are returned to their proper places, etc.

In short, be a good citizen - don’t clutter or leave projects on workspaces you aren’t actively using; make sure your belongings are safety stored not to create a tripping hazard for others and generally be mindful of the shared use.

Daily Clean-up rules

Project Storage

Tool Usage Rules